The Issues

Education is absolutely essential in our state being successful. How do we improve? We have to come to the realization that all of our kids are not going to pursue a college education and try and structure a vocational based curriculum for them. We have kids right now all over the state taking *state* math tests for the umpteenth time in order to graduate. WHY? Why not sit down with these kids after their freshman year in High School and discuss their future and advise them accordingly?
There are vocations that could be taught in High School that would provide great careers instead of having these kids graduate from a pre-college based system and wonder aimlessly not knowing what career path they will take.
We HAVE to start doing what's best for our children and STOP doing what gets us the most federal assistance.
Mississippi needs an elected State School Board that the people can hold responsible for the state of our education. Currently the board answers to no one.

Taxes- Eliminate State Income Tax, Eliminate the Franchise Tax, NO GAS TAX INCREASE. Eliminate the ad valorem tax that drives up the cost of our car tags and move to a flat tag fee.

Government- There is no such thing as a government at any level that is 100% efficient. All government agencies need to be analyzed from top to bottom for inefficiencies. Our State also needs to take a hard look at what is and isnt core functions of government and eliminate the "isn't" areas.


The first thing we need to do is ditch common core completely by whatever name it goes by. Once that happens MDE should publish a list of acceptable curriculum choices of which the school districts can choose from. Never again should we accept a federally mandated curriculum in our state. 

The State Income Tax must be eliminated completely in favor of a fair tax where everyone contributes.

Protect the unborn. Completely defund planned parenthood.

There is no such thing as a government that runs 100% efficiently. The size and scope of government in Mississippi needs to be downsized greatly. The State is the largest employer in Mississippi and that simply isn’t sustainable in any state. The State of Mississippi is also responsible for the largest salaries in the state. I am working very hard to educate Mississippians on the extreme wastefulness of taxpayer dollars by elected officials.